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Osaki’s tourist attractions offer visitors a completely different experience in each season of the year.
Other than enjoying different seasons, why not have a trip out to rediscover Osaki?


Naruko Spa Area

Of the 11 hot spring types in Japan, you can find 9 in Naruko.
The area is highly reputed for the quality of its hot springs which have long been famous for their rejuvenating qualities.

  • Naruko Spa
    Naruko Spa

    The lively hot spring town is home to many modern hotels. Chance encounters at the public baths locally made wooden toys create a nostalgic atmosphere evocative of old times.

  • Higashinaruko Spa
    Higashinaruko Spa

    Experience the atmosphere of the peaceful countryside scenery. This warm and simple hot spring is a popular choice among visitors seeking to benefit from the rejuvenating effects of the water.

  • Onikoube Spa
    Onikoube Spa

    Travelers are welcomed in a soft and calm manner which contrasts with the chaotic nature of the geothermal energy that produces the area’s many geysers and hell baths.

  • Nakayamadaira Spa
    Nakayamadaira Spa

    Steam from Nakayamadaira spa rises from the banks of Oya River. With the number one hot spring water supply in Naruko, the area allows you to get the most out of your rejuvenating hot spring trip.

  • Kawatabi Spa
    Kawatabi Spa

    Kawatabi is proud of its thousand years of history as an onsen famed for its rumored ability to be able to cure beriberi. For this reason, it is occasionally referred to as “Kakke(beriberi) Kawatabi.

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